Multiplayer With Blueprints

Hi Everyone and Welcome! We have created a Unreal Marketplace Plugin that will allow you to scale your multiplayer game without any previous c++ coding experience! Everything is accesible through Blueprints! On top of that, you will also receive a Complete Multiplayer Example Project!

In this documentation, I will be giving a more indepth look at the Example Project, as well as showing you how to connect features already setup in this Example to AWS services. These features include skill/latency based matchmaking, a friend system, a party system to invite and join your friends, a secure login system with user profiles, a no sql database storing game data as well as much more!

AWS Setup

Getting AWS install on your computer and ready to use

Getting Started

Overview of MWB and what will be require to make it run

Login System

Authentification setup, and introduction to Database

Lobby System

What you need to setup your party and friend system within Unreal

Example Project

All of our example project with the MWB


If you have a question, find or ask it here

Video Tutorial

A 7 part series guiding you throught on how to setup and use MWB